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Company formation in RO

Set up a Romanian Limited Liablity Company now!

We can also help you incorporate your business in Romania.

Full service company creation with virtual office and accounting support.

                               Real Estate in Romania

Are you interested in purchasing real estate in Romania? You should check out our current offers and choose the best apartments, weekend houses, and industrial real estate.

Due to the economic crisis, real estate is currently available in Romania at historically low prices. It's the perfect time to consider factory/business expansion. We operate in Transylvania, which is located in the western part of the country. There are lots of German and other Western European companies and private individuals here already who discovered Romania as the perfect location for their business. 

              Real Estate Romania –Real Estate Transylvania

   If you're interested in purchasing property in Romania, you will need to set up a Romanian company first. We'll gladly help you create your own Romanian company.
Real estate Romania- Discover this unique country and purchase a weekend house at the base of the Carpathian Mountains where you and your family can relax, far away from the globalized world.
Are you looking to establish a branch here, maybe a factory? Would you like to purchase local hotels or factories? Please let us know what your needs are, and we'll look for the appropriate real estate in Romania, Transylvania.

Romania has rich natural resources. It is magical and breathtaking in its beauty. The geographic landscape consists of plains, mountains and forests. A picturesque landscape awaits you here.

The real estate prices were previously much higher than now, but because of the economic crisis, they suffered a significant price drop. Now you have a unique possibility to buy real estate in Romania.

Visit us personally at our office in Sathmar or Oradea (in the western part of the country) and check out our latest offers. We'll help you negotiate with the owner, so you can purchase your dream house or property for a dream price!

According to Pricewater Coopers Real Estate Institute of London,  Romania is a real gold mine as a real estate investment.

The country is under constant development. It has more than 22 million inhabitants and an 8% economic growth. Lots of Italian and Dutch citizens have already bought real estate here. Don’t hesitate to buy your own real estate in Romania. Contact us and check out our latest offers. Company formation and registration in Romania

Real Estate  Romania